Central Vacuum Systems

Advanced Technology

Improve your home with the most advanced technology in cleaning. Use a powerful central vacuum to remove and eliminate dust, allergens, and smells from your home. Central vacuums are still regularly used in high end custom homes with all hard surfaces because they clean better and have less maintenance. Add tools like an automatic dust pan for the ultimate sweeping convenience. Retractable systems are a must have for central vacuum convenience.

We service and repair central vacuum systems of all kinds

Beam, Vacuflow, Electrolux, Cyclovac, Hose Genie. We repair all types of issues.  Low Suction, No suction, won’t turn on, no Matter the issue, our expert technicians can get you up and running! Our fees are simple menu based with most issues solved in the price of a service call. We also carry new and refurbished units in case you need to replace that unit. Once you have a central vacuum, it’s hard to ever not have one again.

Retractable Hose Systems

Lose the bulky central vacuum hose and get a retractable system you will love. The ultimate in central vacuum convenience, the hide a hose system is perfect to eliminate the need to store and carry a 35 foot or longer hose in teh closet. Simply pull out the amount that you need (up to 60 feet can be installed) and attach your tool to enjoy cleaning convenience of up to 2500 square feet.

Riccar Central Vacuum
Power Unit

The Riccar central vacuum power unit is engineered like no other central power unit available today. Built from the ground up to handle the increased demands of a retractable hose system.