Central Vacuum Systems

Cyclo Vac Systems

World leader in innovation and performance, Cyclo Vac designs, manufactures and markets a wide array of high quality central vacuums, to meet the needs and expectations of our well-informed clientele.

We service and repair central vacuum systems of all kinds

Beam, Vacuflow, Electrolux, Cyclovac, Hose Genie. No Matter the system, our expert technicians can get the job done!

Retractable Hose Systems

Lose the bulky central vacuum hose and get a retractable system you will love.

Hose Genie
Power Unit

Hose Genie is engineered like no other central power unit available today. Built from the ground up to handle the increased demands of a retractable hose system, your cleaning wish is Hose Genie’s command.

Add a retractable system to your existing central vacuum or to your home that doesn't have one.

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