Central Vacuum Systems

Advanced Technology

Improve your home with the most advanced technology in cleaning. Use a powerful central vacuum to remove and eliminate dust, allergens, and smells from your home. Central vacuums are still regularly used in high end custom homes with all hard surfaces because they clean better and have less maintenance. Add tools like an automatic dust pan for the ultimate sweeping convenience. Retractable systems are a must have for central vacuum convenience.

We service and repair central vacuum systems of all kinds

Beam, Vacuflow, Electrolux, Cyclovac, Hose Genie. We repair all types of issues.  Low Suction, No suction, won’t turn on, no Matter the issue, our expert technicians can get you up and running! Our fees are simple menu based with most issues solved in the price of a service call. We also carry new and refurbished units in case you need to replace that unit. Once you have a central vacuum, it’s hard to ever not have one again.

Retractable Hose Systems

Lose the bulky central vacuum hose and get a retractable system you will love. The ultimate in central vacuum convenience, the hide a hose system is perfect to eliminate the need to store and carry a 35 foot or longer hose in teh closet. Simply pull out the amount that you need (up to 60 feet can be installed) and attach your tool to enjoy cleaning convenience of up to 2500 square feet.

Riccar Central Vacuum
Power Unit

The Riccar central vacuum power unit is engineered like no other central power unit available today. Built from the ground up to handle the increased demands of a retractable hose system.

Central Vacuum Services

Experienced. Honest. Knowledgeable.
Wellington Vacuum professionally installs and services central vac systems, and are specialists in all central vacuum products. We provide service and support for most central vacuum systems and brands, and we would be happy to provide you with a complete evaluation of your system and any available options. If you choose to work with us, you can be confident that you will receive quality service and only the products you need. Contact us today to set up a home visit. (561) 795-0444

Central Vacuum Service Installations, Service, Repair

New Construction & Remodels Installation

Just before drywall, the central vacuum piping is installed. Pipe installation is quick compared to the other trades. If your budget is tight, consider at least installing the pipes, so your home will be “central vacuum ready” for a later date!

Existing Home Installation Specialist

Watch us retrofit your home with minimal disruption to the walls. Together we determine the wall valve locations, and we will find the specific point to run pipe from below or above. We make sure the location is free of barriers and then mount the vacuum inlet to the wall. From the basement or attic we glue pipe to the fitting on the inlet’s back side. Once we’ve stubbed in all the inlets, we install PVC connecting them all together and to the central vacuum power unit.

Swap Outs

Already have a central vacuum and want more power from a quieter machine that is easier to empty? Let us install any of Riccar or Cyclovac’s vacuums and you’ll love the difference, look, and the warranty. Our vac’s are top of the line giving you the best in flexbility We have the total satisfaction solution for you at a price you will love.

What makes our installations unique?

A central vacuum, over time, is only as good as the installation. Our years of experience at Wellington Vacuum ensures each and every vacuum pipe is joined properly, glued well, and each wall plate is securely attached. We find the most direct pipe route  in order to maximize airflow.

Repair and Service Experts-

If you are experiencing problems with your central vacuum system, we are the go-to experts in the West Palm Beach, FL area for repairing, servicing, and upgrading built-in vacuums. We will make sure you get a quick diagnosis, an expert repair done by an experienced technician, and a price unmatched by our competition. We service all brands, makes, and models of central vacuums, and are able to assist with almost any issue that should arise, such as:

  • central vacuum clogs
  • inlet problems
  • wiring malfunctions
  • brush and hose issues
  • pipe problems (i.e. clogs, weak suction, etc.)
  • anything else related to your central vacuum

We also carry a variety of parts and accessories compatible with almost any central vacuum system, such as motors, hoses, inlets, filtration systems, power heads, and even power units from Riccar and Cyclovac.

We will guide you through the process, and it is our pleasure to assure you that your built-in vac system will work the way it is supposed to by thoroughly testing it before leaving your home. You can even try out some of the newest accessories while we are there. Call us today with your central vac problems!

We Service & Repair All Central Vacuum Brands/Models.

Local Area Professionals You Can Trust! Call today (561)795-0444

Give us a call today before you head out to buy a regular vacuum. You will be amazed at the cost and results of using your built-in central vacuum system!