Hose Genie Retractable Hose System Central Vacuum Power Unit

Hose Genie
Power Unit


Built for Retractable Hose Systems

  • 700 Max Airwatts
  • Self-regulating for homes up to 20,000 sq/ft.
  • Systems with 1- 8 Self-Retracting Hoses
  • Ideal for Traditional Central Vacuum Systems
  • Hepa Bag Filtration.
  • Air flow (CFM 120)
  • Water lift H20 160
  • 3 Turbines – Air Cooled Motor
  • 120 Volts, Max Amps 14.6
  • 5 Gallon Bag Capacity
  • Removes 100% Odor, Dust & Allergens from your home.
  • All Steel Consruction -Built in North America

“Your cleaning wish is Hose Genie’s command.”


Hose Genie is engineered like no other central power unit available today.  Built from the ground up to handle the increased demands of a retractable hose system, your cleaning wish is Hose Genie’s command.  With 700 Airwatts of powrer perfectly balanced between the cleaning force of 120 cubic feet of air movement and 160 inches of waterlift muscle, the Hose Genie self-regulates for systems designed with 1 – 8 retractable hoses.  Featuring the triple cooling protection of an external motor cooling fan, and not one, but two heat venting protocals, the Hose Genie won’t fail under stress like ordinary central vacuum power units due to reduced airflow from hoses ranging up to 60 feet. 

As a bonus, Hose Genie outperforms the competition on traditional central vacuum installations as well.

Add a retractable system to your existing central vacuum or to your home that doesn't have one.

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